The Caleffi dresses and the jackets are high quality clothes, final result of a more and more rare manual ability in the cut and in the handicraft tailoring of selected material of refined purity.

The collaboration with the most important companies of Italian haute couture like KITON – SARTORIO – RAVAZZOLO – SCHNEIDERS – LONGHI – HERNO makes our clothes exclusive, with a perfect line and care of every small detail.

The Caleffi knitwear is realized exclusively in the nobler fibers like cashmere and silk, with renewed lines and up-to-date colours . Bilancini, Cains Moore, Jhon Smedley collaborate for the achievement of always excellent results.

Accessories BRIGG – DEREK ROSE – SOUTHERN GIANNELLI – MATTABISCH – DORMEUIL – SCABAL – RESTELLI complete the assortment of Caleffi.