The Caleffi store, overlooks one of the most important squares of Rome , the heart of Italian history and politics.

In the windows, elegantly inserted in a noble palace of the 500, you can admire the elegant fusion between the taste “Caleffi” and the most important Italian tailors such as Kiton, Sartorio, Ravazzolo, Longhi, Herno .

Caleffi is a century-old clothing shop and is more like an emotion. The shop has seen three generations, but it still remains young and fresh. The founder of the reputed clothing firm, Enrico Caleffi, at the end of the nineteenth century, opened a small shop in a busy place in the city of Rome. The unique tailor-made clothes pulled more customers. After a huge breakthrough, Enrico moved his store to Piazza Colonna, with its window facing the Italian Parliament, which marks the beginning of the history of tradition and style.

Those were the days with no internet or any technological advancements. Still, the store managed to set a trend and attained fame, all because of the creative minds of Enrico and his highly efficient tailors. His sons too carefully safeguarded the legacy left by him. The ‘Gaston neck’, high neck typology adorned by two buttons on the top, conceived from the minds of Caleffi still remains as the most celebrities’ favorite. We design and customize clothes according to the seasons and peoples requirements. Rome has cold winters and very hot summer. Every year people’s preferences change and a good designer should be able to understand what is inside their customer’s mind and reciprocate the same in their work. Fulfilling this criterion perfectly is the success mantra of Caleffi.

As the store is situated near the Parliament, it is obvious that many politicians and aristocrats visit the store. It put a pressure on the designers to deliver better. But the fact is, it motivated them to do more to attract and retain the elite customers. We are proud to say that many philosophers, writers, politicians, and film celebrities are our noble customers. Post the second world war, a renowned writer wrote an essay honoring the innovation and the fashion aspirations of the founder and the designers, who dedicated themselves to the fashion industry for a century. We believe that there is a special bond or an important link between us and our customers.

Caleffi represents an icon of Italian classic fashion, tailor made and crafted shirt.