We are extremely privileged and honored to be an iconic store in the city of Rome. Breaking into the fashion industry is not a cakewalk. At the time When Caleffi opened the door for the customers, no internet was there. Scope for marketing was minimum. The satisfied customers served as the brand ambassadors of our apparels. We were fortunate enough to set our stores near the parliament building. This has earned us a lot of elite customers. We strived hard to serve them better.

Innovation and understanding the requirements of the customers are the keys to success. Every customer is unique and their needs are diverse. We neatly outline their requirements and bring life to it. Check my website to know our century-old history and how we earned a good name and fame. Before stepping into any business or starting a new venture, it is essential to educate oneself about the basics. The store owners and employees are tailors by blood. Even reputed fashion technologists and designers work with our store.

Success in any endeavor doesn’t come easy. The designers associated with fashion are inclined to be goal-oriented with a hands-on approach and highly motivated. It is not easy to keep up the reputation that has been achieved in 100 years. Trends change, preferences change, so it is essential for the designers to upgrade themselves with respect to the changing style quotients.

Our uniqueness is we tailor formal shirts with pearl buttons and a gold cuff. This is the absolute choice of the elite actors and politicians. They want to look unique and they trust that their outfit can give an identity to them. We don’t make similar outfits for two different celebrities unless they ask for it. So every a piece of clothing that we tailor is, distinctive. Our store owners are often praised for the punctuality. We deliver our promises on time without even a slighter delay. We don’t overdo orders. We take an appreciable time to customize the outfits, so we just take a minimum number of orders in a day.

With the advent of the Internet, a lot of people from other parts of Europe read about our stores and wants us to customize their attires. We look forward to working with everyone who is in search of the best piece of customized clothing. Customers are our biggest strength and we really owe all the fame and glory to them.