The Caleffi dresses and the jackets are high quality clothes, final result of a more and more rare manual ability in the cut and in the handicraft tailoring of selected material of refined purity.

The collaboration with the most important companies of Italian haute couture like KITON – SARTORIO – RAVAZZOLO – SCHNEIDERS – LONGHI – HERNO makes our clothes exclusive, with a perfect line and care of every small detail.

The Caleffi knitwear is realized exclusively in the nobler fibers like cashmere and silk, with renewed lines and up-to-date colours . Bilancini, Cains Moore, Jhon Smedley collaborate for the achievement of always excellent results.

Accessories BRIGG – DEREK ROSE – SOUTHERN GIANNELLI – MATTABISCH – DORMEUIL – SCABAL – RESTELLI complete the assortment of Caleffi.


Enrico Caleffi, founder of the homoni- mous firm, started his business activity in Rome at the end of the 19th century opening a clothing shop, in Via Due Ma- celli, in the corner of Via Capo le Case. We are in the Rome of D’Annunzio cha- racterized by an élite who, taking care of their own clothes, often stop in Ca- leffi’s shop. His shop consolidates on the wave of the welfare spread in the country by Giolitti’s Minister wise politics. That is why in 1911 Enrico Caleffi moves his shop into Via della Colonna Antonina in front of the seat of the Parliament, which becomes a firm landmark for the political class of the day. After the First World War Caleffi shop obtains a reputation especially for the style of the shirts

Caleffi Store

The Caleffi store, overlooks one of the most important squares of Rome , the heart of Italian history and politics.

In the windows, elegantly inserted in a noble palace of the 500, you can admire the elegant fusion between the taste “Caleffi” and the most important Italian tailors such as Kiton, Sartorio, Ravazzolo, Longhi, Herno .

Caleffi represents an icon of Italian classic fashion, tailor made and crafted shirt.



There are men who are not looking for links with the past, nor with the present. They have their own style.
A hand-finished shirt, a mother-of-pearl button and a precious fabric tell the story of their day.
It is also our story. For three generations we choose the best Italian and foreign fabrics, ties from the most exclusive designs, we work with rigor and craftsmanship. A tradition that is renewed without losing its style.

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